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Dear Girlfriend,

You know those times when you pause, look over your shoulder, lower your voice, and swap a juicy life tip?

Or what about those days when it's neither secret nor shortcut, but a hard-won personal discovery?

Those little breakthroughs, hushed hot tips, and cathartic conversations have the power to change someone's day or even their life.

But here's the thing: not every woman has a group of girlfriends who are up for the real stuff. I want to do my part to change that.

I created The Naked Librarian to be a love letter to the girlfriends of the world.

My goal is to combine the love and humor found in gal paling with the insight and wisdom that comes from health and wellness experts.

If you want access to informed answers on impolite conversation with subjects ranging from women's health to mental health, join the girl gang that was formed for women like you.

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Yours truly,


Creator of the Naked Librarian

Read more about Victoria at victoriapayne.com

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