Hey Good Lookin': How to Get More Joy from Your Wardrobe

This episode goes deep on how to like what you wear...on a regular basis. The whole thing kicks off with a fashion inspiration story from my childhood, when getting dressed was two parts self-expression and one part rebellion. Then, we'll all do a reality check about how much harder it is to like our clothes as grown ups when we're frustrated with our bodies...because when you're talking about dressing for joy body satisfaction matters. After we norm on the imperative of loving our beautiful bodies, we'll high kick into some fun fashion vocabulary, including some handy dopamine dressing tips. The whole thing wraps up with an interview with personal stylist that you do not want to miss. Daron Deonier helps women learn to do more than dress their bodies—she helps women do what she calls 'honor your vessel.' She's got some mind blowing paradigm shifts, fashion philosophy, and because I know you want this, wardrobe hacks that you can apply not just today but year round. So, hey good lookin,' come on in.