Three Pound Universe Part I: How Gut Health Influences Everything, Everywhere, All the Time

This edition of the Naked News is all about understanding the latest science on gut health and how it affects far more than your digestion. I'm publishing "Three Pound Universe: How Gut Health Influences Everything, Everywhere, All the Time" in two parts because I know most people, including myself, toss around words like gut health and microbiome as if it’s about yogurt and taking probiotics, but good Lord, gut health is more than encyclopedic it's extremely important. So, in part I, I'm going to…

  • Dive into a basic understanding of your gut, including the billions of good bacteria that reside in your body and go by superhero-like names
  • Learn about something called dysbiosis, or gut imbalance, and the types of diseases associated with dysbiosis. Spoiler: While the good bacteria go by Latin names that are tough to pronounce, you’ve definitely heard of these chronic illnesses and terminal diseases 
  • Look closely at what scientists call the gut-brain connection and what it’s teaching us about mental health conditions like anxiety and depression  
  • Then, we’re going to take a little detour to learn about fecal transplants and why modern medicine is like ‘shut up!’ and ‘no way!’ about the possible ways this treatment could help and heal certain chronic diseases
  • We'll wrap up with some amazing probiotic foods and how adding these into your diet can change your whole world. 

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