Three Pound Universe II: How Gut Health Affects Everything, Everywhere, All the Time

This episode is the second part of an exciting (!) series on gut health. If you missed the first one, go here if you want to learn all the science. 

When I set up this interview with holistic health and wellness coach Jen Robinson, I wanted to get the down low on gut health. But what surprised me was how much we needed, like really needed, to talk about other aspects of women's health in order to arrive at the practical gut health wisdom Jen delivers. 


Because health, especially women's health, is complex. Especially when you're talking about what to eat. This is one of my favorite episodes because we really look at the whole picture when it comes to women's health. Jen shares about the turning points in her own life that helped her understand the difference between food as fuel verses food as nourishment, and how she learned that wellness is distinct from the social programming on being fit or slim. 

We get into diet culture and the way food restriction negatively affects our bodies, specifically gut diversity. We talk about stress, burnout, and caretaking and the way they can take a toll on your health. Jen also shares what makes health coaching different than doctor visits or therapy appointments and why so many women are finding help in this growing field. 

This episode is for you if you...

  • Have ever been on a diet or wondered if there's more to life than restricting food 
  • Struggle with digestion issues and are curious about simple practices that may improve how you feel 
  • Don't really love 'healthy' eating or even vegetables but want to make some changes and are not sure where to start 
  • Love 'healthy eating' and want to up your game when it comes to gut health
  • Looking for a mindset shift when it comes to finding joy in food and in movement 
  • Looking for simple practices to stir into your life when it comes to better digestion and gut health
  • Would like to give your 8th grade self a high five -- we get into adolescence and 8th grade and the surprise mentors that sometimes show up. 

There's a lot to this episode, and like the "universe" in the title, there are worlds inside of some of the many questions we cover. 

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